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Chumash - ‘ap’ shelter

Chumash - ‘ap’ shelter

There is a beach in Santa Barbara called Jalama beach. Jalama is an adaptation of the native Chumash word ‘Xalam’ which translated literally, means ‘bundle.’ Jalama beach was a central village in the Chumash nation where people from surrounding villages would gather or ‘bundle’ together. ‘Xalam’ (bundle) meant many things to them, not only could it mean a bundle of sticks, it meant a gathering of ideas, peoples, stories, foods, goods, or a bundle of thatch and timber that form the structures in which they congregated.

We like what this word meant to the Chumash and wanted to reflect this idea in our name, BNDL.

Since our conception in January of 2018 we have worked with over 10 different clients on residential design & permitting in Los Angeles and Orange County, interior design for major urban developments in Lake Tahoe and Santa Rosa, retail design in Canada and a number of visualization projects with major corporate clients



Kaveh is a designer who has worked for major Architecture firms in Los Angeles such as the office of Frank Gehry, Hodgetts + Fung and Brooks & Scarpa.  At Gehry Partners, Kaveh spent two years working on schematic design and construction documents for the MPK21 Facebook headquarters where Mark Zuckerburg's office is located in Menlo Park, CA.  At Hodgetts + Fung Kaveh worked on a number of projects, most notably the Nashville Ascend Amphitheatre.  Kaveh holds a Master's degree from the UCLA school of Architecture & Urban Design and a Bachelor's of Science in architecture from the Ohio State University where he graduated with honors and a number of awards.  

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